Friday, September 9, 2011

Faculty Work-Life Balance Series (5/5) Freebie Friday - Complete Small Activities on Recycle Bank for Free Points Towards High-Value Coupons and Free Products for Classes!


I love saving money and I tend to spend A LOT of money on my classes (and our department's conferences), but I try to maximize my dollar by using coupons and contacting individual companies! 

Last year, when planning the "Environmental Communication Week", I was not familiar with this wonderful website, Recyclebank. This website enables users to complete quick quizzes, take green pledges, and read informative articles for Recycle Bank points. Here's the neat aspect, the points can be used for high-value coupons ($2.00 off Kashi Products, etc.) and even free products at McDonalds (i.e. - a free ice cream cone).

Professional Life
I am glad that I found this website last month, because I will be able to share the wonderful information with people who are interested in "Environmental Communication Week 2012". Another cool feature to add to the website! :)

Personal Life
This website is beneficial for our household because I am still planning to increase the amount of money that we save each month. September is always crunch month for our household (tuition, etc.) and this will be a great way to plan for future money emergencies. Faculty have to budget as well! :)

Sign up for Recyclebank today! :)



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