Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun, Organizational Tips for Faculty (1/5) - Using Google Docs to Plan the 2011 Social Media Conference @ Tarleton State University


This semester, I have had the best experience working with a group of wonderful ladies (undergraduate students, faculty, and staff) in the newly-formed Texas Social Media Research Institute (TSMRI) at Tarleton State University. We formed the institute last spring and this fall we are working on the upcoming 2011 Social Media Research Conference that will be held Friday, December 2, 2011 at Tarleton.

The undergraduate students are TSMRI interns and they are divided into three teams: Social Media, Training and Development, and Conference Planning. Each team has one to three faculty mentors (who are also the TSMRI co-directors) and they have a intern coordinator (who was also my Undergraduate Research Assistant this summer). Last of all, there is me and I function as a faculty mentor and the TSMRI Director.

Each Monday, we meet, eat, and brainstorm. There is one word that truly epitomizes this weekly activity - SYNERGY! I have never experienced ANYTHING like it! These ladies are all amazing and I enjoy their neat ideas and energy! We will have an amazing conference!

Here's the fun organizational tip - We use Google Docs for EVERYTHING!
1 - Registration Form - Created Using Google Forms
2 - Conference Planning Toolbox (Backwards Plan, Contact Sheet, Logo, etc.) - Created Using Google Spreadsheets
3 - Call for Proposals - Created Using Google Spreadsheets

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