Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun, Organizational Tips for Faculty (2/5) - Using Pinterest to Discover and Organize Your Creative Ideas!


One of our social media interns told us about Pinterest in during our TSMRI retreat and I did NOT know about this AMAZING website. That night, I signed up for Pinterest and I had to wait for an approval e-mail confirming my membership. On Sunday, I received that wonderful invitation and I was able to start my Pinterest journey.

Pinterest is a great website focused on bookmarking through pictures. For example, you can visit a website and you can find an amazing picture (recipe, bulletin board, idea, etc.) to PIN on your board. Then, people who have similar interests can follow you or your board OR you can follow others' boards. This is an amazing way to plan neat events, organize your research, brainstorm ideas, and to do something stress-free!

Follow Me on Pinterest! - http://re.pn/b/KpZT

My Boards:
- Fantastic Food Ideas for Meetings
- Academic Life and College

- Make and Take Crafts (for my daycare)
- Fun Gift Ideas (for my classes)
- Preschool Science Activities (for my childcare training business)


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