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Friday, August 5, 2016

Free Professional Development Opportunity from @LEAPTexas - AACU Learning Outcomes (Social Responsibility Week) - August 8th-12th

I love serving as a Faculty Fellow for LEAP Texas! This has been one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever experienced in higher education. I love networking with colleagues from other institutions and I've gained a wealth of skills focused 

Social Responsibility Week – August 8 - 12
During the week of August 8 - 12, LEAP Texas will be holding a week­long celebration of Social Responsibility. It’s a week where faculty from across the state of Texas can come together online and talk about how they are integrating Social Responsibility into teaching, learning, and assessment:

Want to stand a chance of winning a prize!?!?!
Please RSVP for the events below by completing this form - You can still participate in events if you do not complete the form BUT to win our fabulous prizes we need you to fill in the form @LEAPTexas Social Responsibility Week! Please let us know if you plan to participate in the events! We will see you at the events!

Monday 8 August
What’s on: 3pm: Webinar on Social Responsibility presented by Dr. Doyle Carter and Dr Christine Purkiss from Angelo State University
Description: This session takes a look at Social Responsibility and the opportunities and challenges associated with teaching and assessing this core objective. The presenters will also share the social responsibility rubric developed at this institution
Join online:
Mon, Aug 8, 2016 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Central Daylight Time
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Dial in by phone:
United States : +1 (571) 317-3112
Access Code: 331-951-253
First GoToMeeting? Try a test session:

Tuesday 9 August
What’s on: Social responsibility recipes all day with Dr Jennifer Edwards on Twitter 
Description: I know, you are thinking  - recipes and social responsibility? Well, this is an innovative approach focused on small (but meaningful) activities focused on how we can teach our college students how to be socially responsible. To participate and to submit an event, please click the following link - Submit a Teaching Recipe for the #LEAPTexas Recipe book on Social Responsibility

Wednesday 10 August 
What’s on: Tune in to the "30 Ways to Integrate Social Responsibility in Your Fall Courses" Periscope Session at 8am CDT.
Tune in here -
Description: In this session, you will discover and contribute ways to teach and engage your students in interactive assignments addressing social responsibility! These engagement methods will include syllabus integration, teaching methods for the first-year seminar, teaching methods for capstone courses, career portfolio and resume integration, and classroom assessment of social responsibility.

Thursday 11 August
What’s on: Engage in the Lunchtime "Teaching Social Responsibility in College Courses" Twitter Chat by using the #LEAPTexas hashtag on at Noon CDT
1. At noon on the day of the chat, log into Twitter and type in #LEAPTexas (not case sensitive).
2.  Wait for a question (one is tweeted out about every 8 minutes).
Ex:  Q1 - Do you think it is more important to incorporate social responsibility for first-year students or senior-year students? Which assignments would be better for each group? #LEAPTexas
3. Hit "Reply" to the tweet with the question, use A for Answer, and include the hash tag. Ex: A1 -  Definitely for first-year students, it is important to engage students as soon as they arrive to your campus. #LEAPTexas

Friday 12 August:
What’s on: Reflections on the week.
Description: Join us on Twitter (#LEAPTexas) as LEAP takes a look back on social responsibility week and what we learned.

Follow us on Twitter @LEAPTexas #LEAPTexas.
If you would like to learn more about the work of our faculty fellows and LEAPTX activity in general please visit us online at
Have a great week! Thanks for visiting the Millennial Professor Blog!

Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Keeping a High Level of Motivation in 2012! - My Goals for 2012 (Reflections from 2011)


Happy NEW YEAR! I am energized, excited, and ELATED to spend this next year in higher education (and blogging). During the weekend, I started thinking about my goals (research, teaching, and blogging goals) for 2012!

2012 Goal #1 - Keep a steady focus on my research interests (social media and organizations, communication technology, work-life balance of the millennial generation) and write at least one journal article every three months (a minimum of four in total by December 31, 2012).

2012 Goal #2 - Keep a high-level of organization in my personal and professional lives. Using my Google Calendar, personal labeler, color-coded file folders, and Post-it notes will definitely help me to keep my life organized.

2012 Goal #3 - Involve at least 100 students in undergraduate research endeavors (inside and outside of the classroom environment). At least three of these students' papers need to be accepted for publication.

2012 Goal #4 - Take some time for myself. I love gardening and reading non-fiction books, but sometimes my professional life takes priority over these simple pleasures. I need to carve some time in my schedule for those tasks that help me to reduce my stress.

2012 Goal #5 (Goal Extension from 2011) - To promote my blog and to gain at least 50 additional followers. (I will need some help with this one).

2012 Goal #6 (Goal Extension from 2011) - To promote my business and to gain at least 5 additional speaking engagements this year.

2012 Goal #7 (Goal Extension from 2011) - To lose at least 10 pounds by next December 

Here are my goals from last year (2011)...

New Year's Goal #1 - To write at least one journal article every two months.
Done! Four of the articles were published this year! I am very thankful!

New Year's Goal #2 - To read at least one non-fiction book a week.
Done! I LOVE non-fiction books and there are MANY new books focused on organic gardening.

New Year's Goal #3 - To promote my blog and to gain at least 50 additional followers. (I will need some help with this one).
Not complete. I created a Facebook page this year, but I need to gain more additional followers, but I still think that this is an attainable goal.

New Year's Goal #4 - To promote my business and to gain at least 5 additional speaking engagements this year.
Not complete. I enjoyed traveling to various conferences this year and reviewing Adobe products, but I am interested in working with some additional companies and affiliate programs. Any suggestions?

New Year's Goal #5 - To lose at least 10 pounds by next December (to accomplish this, I am giving up bread for Lent and beyond)...
Due to unforeseen circumstances and LOTS of work, I am definitely planning to reach this goal by June 2012, but we shall see! ;)


J. Edwards

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun, Organizational Tips for Faculty (5/5) - Freebie Friday - Post-It PopNotes App

iPhone Screenshot 1


Today's item for Freebie Friday is focused on the new Post-It note app from the 3M company. Personally, I am a fan of geo-tagging (reading the comments and reviews, not posting comments) when it comes to traveling in my city and outside of the state.

It would be interesting to see if geo-tagging would work outside of the retail environment and would make its way to college and university campuses across the United States (perhaps even the world). It would be great to visit a university like Harvard and to read the tags for each of the different buildings. It would create a personalized, virtual tour for campus visitors! 

Just a thought! Enjoy!


J. Edwards

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun, Organizational Tips for Faculty (4/5) - Faculty Development Modules for Online Teaching (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)


Lone Star College, Sam Houston State University, and Spring ISD recently created a repository of learning modules focused on online teaching and learning.

Here is a link to the Faculty Development Modules - LINK.

These learning modules are focused on the following topics:

1 - Introduction to Online Learning

2 - Flexibility and Time Management

3 - Learning Styles

4 - Classroom Management and Communication

5 - Cultural and Global Considerations

6 - Legal Issues

7 - Collaboration and Community Building

8 - Trends in Online Learning

9 - Assessment

10 - Web Literacy

11 - Vertical and Horizontal Alignment

12 - Student Retention and Faculty Development

This project is funding by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)



Dr. Edwards

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun, Organizational Tips for Faculty (3/5) - The Teaching Professor Blog!


This week's Wandering Wednesday post is focused on the Teaching Professor blog. This blog always features great ideas for college faculty who teach and who research. The Teaching Professor blog is filled with amazing ideas and focuses on the following subjects:

  • the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • classroom policies
  • active learning
  • assessment
  • generational differences
  • student performance

All of these ideas can definitely help college faculty become more organized and to help more students in less time!


J. Edwards

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun, Organizational Tips for Faculty (2/5) - Using Pinterest to Discover and Organize Your Creative Ideas!


One of our social media interns told us about Pinterest in during our TSMRI retreat and I did NOT know about this AMAZING website. That night, I signed up for Pinterest and I had to wait for an approval e-mail confirming my membership. On Sunday, I received that wonderful invitation and I was able to start my Pinterest journey.

Pinterest is a great website focused on bookmarking through pictures. For example, you can visit a website and you can find an amazing picture (recipe, bulletin board, idea, etc.) to PIN on your board. Then, people who have similar interests can follow you or your board OR you can follow others' boards. This is an amazing way to plan neat events, organize your research, brainstorm ideas, and to do something stress-free!

Follow Me on Pinterest! -

My Boards:
- Fantastic Food Ideas for Meetings
- Academic Life and College

- Make and Take Crafts (for my daycare)
- Fun Gift Ideas (for my classes)
- Preschool Science Activities (for my childcare training business)


J. Edwards

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.
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Fun, Organizational Tips for Faculty (1/5) - Using Google Docs to Plan the 2011 Social Media Conference @ Tarleton State University


This semester, I have had the best experience working with a group of wonderful ladies (undergraduate students, faculty, and staff) in the newly-formed Texas Social Media Research Institute (TSMRI) at Tarleton State University. We formed the institute last spring and this fall we are working on the upcoming 2011 Social Media Research Conference that will be held Friday, December 2, 2011 at Tarleton.

The undergraduate students are TSMRI interns and they are divided into three teams: Social Media, Training and Development, and Conference Planning. Each team has one to three faculty mentors (who are also the TSMRI co-directors) and they have a intern coordinator (who was also my Undergraduate Research Assistant this summer). Last of all, there is me and I function as a faculty mentor and the TSMRI Director.

Each Monday, we meet, eat, and brainstorm. There is one word that truly epitomizes this weekly activity - SYNERGY! I have never experienced ANYTHING like it! These ladies are all amazing and I enjoy their neat ideas and energy! We will have an amazing conference!

Here's the fun organizational tip - We use Google Docs for EVERYTHING!
1 - Registration Form - Created Using Google Forms
2 - Conference Planning Toolbox (Backwards Plan, Contact Sheet, Logo, etc.) - Created Using Google Spreadsheets
3 - Call for Proposals - Created Using Google Spreadsheets

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Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.
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