Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pinterest in Higher Education Series (#PinterestinHigherEd) - 4/5 Ways to Use Pinterest in the College Classroom Environment (Cruising Boards)


Yes, I am ENJOYING the Pinterest blog topic! As I write this post, I am pursing boards and pins to place on this post. I plan to post at least 15-20 blog posts that might be relevant for your college courses.

Here's a disclaimer - There are A WEALTH of boards created by primary and secondary teachers. USE these boards to create your higher education boards and gain ideas for your research. For example, here is a board from DoReMiGirl (I assume she is a elementary school teacher).

On her "Around the School Teaching" board, she has a few great ideas and infographics that can be used in various college classes.

Bucket List - Great for goal formation.

Bucket-O-Fun (Featuring ping pong balls) - Great for an extemporaneous speaking activity or reflection activity!

Just What Does Your State Do Best - Great for presentations

Here's another great board from Ryan Paul Smith titled, "Images for Presentations"

Enjoy! Please let me know if you find another board or if you have great ideas for the Pinterest website in higher education.


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