Friday, December 16, 2011

Pinterest in Higher Education Series (#PinterestinHigherEd & Febreze Freebie Friday) - 5/5 Ways to Use Pinterest in the College Classroom Environment (My Pinterest Boards)


Today is the DAY that I share my boards with you! Many of my colleagues (from my university and conferences) and a lot of my students are on the Pinterest website as well! Here's my Pinterest Account - Follow Me! :) 

I have 16 Boards and here are a few...

****I plan to work on a social media board and an infographics board very soon! :)

Also, here's a freebie, because it IS freebie Friday! I love to place a Febreze plug-in on the walls of my house and in my office. These plug-ins create a holiday ambiance for the students (as well as myself during the grading process).

Have a great weekend!


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