Monday, November 18, 2013

Neat #HigherEd Retention Idea! - TRANSformations Kick Off Event for Transfer Student Success

TRANSformations for Transfer Student Success
University: University of South Carolina - Columbia
Department - Transfer and Special Student Population Services

Each semester, the University of South Carolina - Columbia sponsors an event titled, "TRANSformations" for their incoming transfer students. During their kickoff event, the office provides the following activities for their students:

- A review of the entire semester (fall, spring)
- A "Pin It" activity for transfer students to pin the location of the university/college from which they transferred to a large map of South Carolina and the United States.
- "Transfer Student Bingo" Team Builder
-  Transfer Student Panel
-  Overview of services available for transfer students.

In the future, the university might offer a "t-shirt swap" and "transfer mentors".

Neat ideas! 

My thoughts...

This program sounds spectacular! I would probably invite the library and other academic support services to present during the event as well. In addition, if we implemented a similar academic program at our university, I would probably suggest monthly workshops for students during their transfer semester (with food of course)!

Overall, neat program!

Sincerely - @drjtedwardsTSU

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