Monday, November 16, 2015

Free Webinar for Higher Education Professionals - Easy Predictors: Quickly Explore Your Data to Find Trends, Relationships, and Predictors (Sponsored by AALHE)

If you are interested in higher education assessment, this is a great resource for you. This webinar is sponsored by Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AAHLE).

December 11, 2015
Easy Predictors: Quickly Explore Your Data to Find Trends, Relationships, and Predictors
at 10:00 AM EST  - To register, go to:
Presented by David Eubanks, Ph.D. Furman University

Abstract: There are many software packages you can use to analyze data, but it can be very time consuming to master the arcane commands required, and even then it may take a while to get what you want. The intent of the webinar is to demonstrate a free online tool that can't solve all your data problems, but is very quick at letting you find out what-predicts-what within structured data. Instead of spending time looking up commands or clicking through menus, you can just ask questions and get answers. This Q&A is of a particular type that mimics the institutional effectiveness loop: first we identify something we care about, and then we find out what predicts it. If we care about student retention, what other variables predict retention and how are they related to each other? Once you master the simple interface, it is fast enough to use on the spot in committee meetings, to answer the inevitable "what if" questions.

The webinar will start with a brief overview of predictors and how we measure their effectiveness, and then use a public database of Titanic passengers to demonstrate the system by finding out what characteristics would have predicted survival of the tragedy. Then we will look at some survey data to see what elements predict student academic success.

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