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Monday, July 18, 2022

Resource Alert: A Health Check-In for Meeting and Classrooms - Team Color Check-In Tool

Throughout the past few years we have definitely been part of a Zoom and Microsoft Team centric world. As we meet with teams and individuals, we have to account for the life that is happening on the other side of the screen. Through Zoom we have a unique opportunity to gain a glimpse into another person's life to which we would normally not have access.

This means that we have a moral and ethnical responsibility as peers and as leaders to genuinely care about the people to which we are communicate with on Zoom. Here's a great resource from the Collective Impact Forum ( 

The Team Color Check-In Tool is a communication tool to help people in virtual and face-to-face conversations have a check-in. The colors range from:


Team Status Check for Individuals and Groups

If you are wondering how to apply this for your teams or classrooms, I would definitely recommend the following:

#1 - Utilize it when you meet with individuals one-on-one (BEFORE) the meeting.

#2 - Utilize it in Zoom via an anonymous poll to gauge how their audience is feeling BEFORE the meeting and providing resources at the end of the meeting (or in a follow-up email).

#3 - Send the check-in tool to your team/organization at the beginning of the week and provide workshops and support throughout the week for the team. 

Respond Below - How would you use the resource?  Do you think teams would benefit from this resource? How would you modify it? 

Thanks for reading!  


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