Monday, November 18, 2013

Neat #HigherEd Retention Idea! - TRANSformations Kick Off Event for Transfer Student Success

TRANSformations for Transfer Student Success
University: University of South Carolina - Columbia
Department - Transfer and Special Student Population Services

Each semester, the University of South Carolina - Columbia sponsors an event titled, "TRANSformations" for their incoming transfer students. During their kickoff event, the office provides the following activities for their students:

- A review of the entire semester (fall, spring)
- A "Pin It" activity for transfer students to pin the location of the university/college from which they transferred to a large map of South Carolina and the United States.
- "Transfer Student Bingo" Team Builder
-  Transfer Student Panel
-  Overview of services available for transfer students.

In the future, the university might offer a "t-shirt swap" and "transfer mentors".

Neat ideas! 

My thoughts...

This program sounds spectacular! I would probably invite the library and other academic support services to present during the event as well. In addition, if we implemented a similar academic program at our university, I would probably suggest monthly workshops for students during their transfer semester (with food of course)!

Overall, neat program!

Sincerely - @drjtedwardsTSU

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Student Success Resource - E-Source for College Transitions (Student Success)

I am pleased that this publication has been available for almost all of the years I have served in higher education. Each time it is published, I enjoy reading the E-Source for College Transitions to gain new ideas and insight for our changing student populations. Here's the link to the publication - .pdf

This issue's articles focus on the following...

• using the Student Strengths Inventory to predict academic success and retention from Concordia University-Wisconsin,
• combining tradition with skills for the 21st century in a two-semester program that teaches public speaking and information technology at the University of Vermont,
• creating learning communities for undeclared majors at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and high-achieving scholars at the University of South Carolina,
• expanding a peer-facilitation program beyond the fall term at Queens University of Charlotte, and
• examining “how and how much” schools across the country assess first-year seminars.

**According to Larry Wood - Editor of the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition

Enjoy! Which article was helpful for you?

Sincerely - @drjtedwardsTSU

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Neat #HigherEd Retention Program - "Out-to-Lunch" Program for Faculty/Staff

The "Out-to-Lunch" Program to Promote Faculty/Student Interactions Outside of the Classroom
University - University of South Carolina
Department - Student Success Center

The University of South Carolina Student Success Center offers an innovative way for students to connect with their faculty members. Through the "Out-to-Lunch" program, a student can pick up a ticket from the university's student success office and take their faculty member to lunch for free.

The student pays for their own lunch with their meal plan, cash, etc.

My thoughts...

I think this is an innovative program to promote faculty/student interaction, but if we implemented a similar program at my institution, we would probably seek innovative ways to pay for the student's meal (or provide a discount or incentive).

Overall, neat program!

Sincerely - @drjtedwardsTSU

Monday, November 11, 2013

Audiostretch for "Slowing Down" Interviews - Great for Qualitative Researchers

As a qualitative researcher, I am always on the lookout for neat (and free) tools to help me when I research. Today, I discovered Audiostretch. This is a great resource (flash-based, no download needed) researchers can use when transcribing interviews.

This tool was discovered through a listserv from (Mari Megias @ Harvard University)


Sincerely - @drjtedwardsTSU