Monday, September 17, 2018

Using the Education Advisory Board's Navigate Platform to Impact Student Success and Retention

If your campus utilizes the Education Advisory Board's Navigate platform (formerly the Student Success Collaborative), you are extremely lucky. This platform enables faculty, staff, and students to engage electronically with one another. From a Communication Professor's perspective, it is important for me to emphasize that the Student Success Collaborative (Navigate) is one of the most easy student success technology platforms to navigate (no pun intended) for faculty and staff. 

The Student Success Collaborative (Navigate) is an innovative student success technology platform that can enable campuses to provide outreach to students and faculty, measure this outreach, and to make evidence-based decisions about the emerging data. For campuses who want to connect with their students and benchmark the results, the Education Advisory Board's Navigate platform is one of the best technologies for your campus.

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Here's a comparison between the features of Navigate and the Starfish platform:

EAB (Navigate)
We Can Form Appointment Campaigns
We Can Send Email to Students
We Can Send Email to Students
We Can See a Realistic Preview for Each Student
We Can See the Public Notes for Each Student
We Can Perform Advanced Searches and Analytics
Faculty Log-In to Refer Their Students to Early Alert
Faculty Never Have to Log-On to Refer Their Students
Create Your Own Cohort
Create Your Own Cohort
Student’s Picture is Displayed
 Student’s Picture is Displayed
We Can View Midterm Grades and Final Grades

I am eager to discover the newly updated features of the Starfish platform again and I welcome the opportunity to discover this with another campus who wants to invite me as a student success technology consultant.

If your campus is considering how they can integrate a new student success technology for their students, faculty, and staff, please contact me and I will be happy to help. Student success has been why research field for the past 15 years and I am excited about the new technology innovations that are occurring in the higher education field.


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