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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Why Did You Choose to Go to College? - A Technology-Focused Retention Campaign

It has been an INTENSE summer and I am excited about the fall semester. We have such an amazing group of students. In fact, over 90% of them submitted their first college assignment to the Provost...on-time! This is a very positive sign for our retention numbers.

My numbers are possibly skewed as well, because I utilized the Education Advisory Board's Student Success Collaborative to send the Provost's email to all of the first-time in college students (FTIC) students who experience our university during Transition Week. Here's her email:

Subject: Here's Your First Assignment (Due Thursday at 5pm) - Dr. Murray

Tarleton Student,

Here's your first assignment. Answer the following questions in an email and send to [specialemailaddress] by 5:00 pm on Thursday, August 24.

- Why did you choose to go to college?
- Why did you choose Tarleton State University?
- What are the five main things (goals) you want to accomplish here over the next four years during your journey at Tarleton?


[The Provost]

I forgot to add...
I also sent a text message from my account the next morning from EAB and I received over 100 responses within a 1-2 hour time period. Most of those responses were from parents who wanted to make sure that their students had the information as well. So, I utilized the next three hours to update...each...cell phone number...for each student. Yup, I am dedicated to student success.

So, this was my week:
Monday (email was sent)
Tuesday (text reminder) at 9:00 am
Wednesday (walking around to random students to ask if they received the email)
Thursday (reminder text was sent to students)...more cell phone number updates from parents...

The results?
All week = a SUPER successful campaign! The impact of the email was amazing! We had a WEALTH of responses and I would definitely do it again!

Any questions about how our campus utilizes the Education Advisory Board's Student Success Collaborative to make our dreams work? Email me! -


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